For the animal lover, our hospital provides medical and surgical care for many pets.  We schedule appointments for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and rodents.  Vaccinations and other preventative medicine procedures are offered to avoid disease and potential health risks.  Diagnostics include laboratory testing and analysis, radiography, electrocardiogram and exploratory biopsy and surgery.  we have our own veterinary pharmacy and chemotherapy is available as part of our medial treatments.  Routine surgery, such as spays or neuters, are performed as well as other soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. During the week, we schedule appointments, perform surgery and dental procedures.  Award winning smiles are nice, but clean teeth and gums are more important for overall pet health.  Inflamed and diseased gums can shorten a pet’s life expectancy.  All dental and surgical procedures are performed using the safest anesthetics available.  Your pet will come home to you healthier and happier and certainly with fresher breath. Tumors (Cancer) Microchips are a pet’s ticket home.  We implant subcutaneously microchips and then register your pet’s chip so that should they become lost or stolen, once found, can be scanned identified and returned quickly and safely to you. Microchips are required in most cases for international travel.  Dr. Smith is an accredited veterinarian with A.P.H.I.S. (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture) and is able to provide health certificates for pet sales, interstate and international travel. Travel Plans? Corneal Ulcer of the Eye Special Procedures are available, such as fluorescein staining to check for corneal damage seen here under a black light. People today are more aware of how important nutrition is to their health as well as for their pet.  We carry and dispense human vitamin and mineral supplements, superior in their application for pets.  These products are used for conditions such as arthritis and skin disorders to improve the quality of life for these pets. Supplements Ophthamology Most people consider their pet to be a family member.  They would like the best care for their loved one and will seek a doctor whom they can trust.  A veterinarian who will explain problems to them medically and in common terms so that they know what options and alternatives are available for medical care.  We feel that an educated client is one who can make the most responsible decisions for their pet.  Our staff is dedicated to providing loving treatment to pets in their time of need.  Our doctor is well trained to diagnose and treat conditions in your pet in addition to helping the client understand what actions are necessary to prevent and treat medical problems.  Thank you for trusting us to care for your family member.